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Everything Heidi creates in her life, she does so from her heart and soul.  Hair is no exception.  A visit with Heidi goes above and beyond a hairstyle. She creates an experience each and every time; always and forever leaving you not just looking better; but feeling better too.

Committed to professional development and integrity, her passion and talent are second to none. Grateful for her and her gifts!

Nicole Clarke

I've been a client of Heidi's for more than 10 years. I was thrilled when Heidi opened her own salon in her home. She offers a convenient location, the salon itself is beautifully decorated, and I always feel I'm about to
be pampered when I arrive. Heidi is a master hair stylist and I can always count on her to 'fix me up'
and make me feel and look better.

Thanks, Heidi!

Marilyn Pincock


Always find the salon clean and fresh smelling and looking. I also look forward to the chat and your beautiful smile, Heidi.

Not only is Heidi amazing, talented and hilarious, she's also got one of the warmest and most welcoming salons I've ever been to!  I've got mountains of hair, crazy curly, thick and corse and Heidi is the only person I trust fully to deal with it. She truly knows what she's doing! I recommend her whenever someone I know is looking for a stylist - most of my friends and family go to her as well. Excellent skills mixed in with a beautiful environment (and coffee too!) make Beauty Starts Hair one of a kind :)

Amanda Dodsworth

 Heidi is the only one I trust to cut my son's hair because he is very particular about how he likes it. The sideburns must be exactly even - everything must be perfect. Zachary is very comfortable with Heidi and she is always cheerful and does not mind if Zach tells her he needs a micro millimetre off the right side - she just does it with a smile. Now that he's older he goes on his own but whenever I've been there the salon is welcoming, smells great, looks great and always, always there is the sound of Heidi's laughter before you get down the stairs to see her smile. I'm grateful Zach has Heidi because it's one less thing I have to worry about.

Angela Power

Beauty Starts Hair, with Heidi Rofe, is such a positive experience.  The salon is open and welcoming, and Heidi's personality and "Flair for Hair" always ensures that you have an enjoyable time while getting a great hair style.  It is no surprise that Heidi has received "Gold" in the Coast's Best of the Best - she is truly a Gold find, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an awesome hair stylist. 

Allison Power

Heidi has a great personality and it shines throughout her salon.  Her salon is clean, comfortable and very colorful.  One visit to her salon will show that she is passionate about her profession and making your experience as relaxing as possible.  If you look around, you will find sweet treats for kids, big or small, magazines, new products to try, nail polish to primp yourself…. She really is very thoughtful and attentive to her clients.  Knowing Heidi for several years, I will continue to be her loyal client because she has always made me feel amazing and like a part of hair family

Shannon Reid

Donna Lowther

I love how Heidi's salon is modern, bright & cheery (just like her!) and it's such a relaxed atmosphere. I use to get anxiety when visiting other salons because of all the people milling about but going to Heidi's is like visiting an old friend that just happens to be an amazing hair stylist with great prices :)

Lisa Dobson

Before I started going to Beauty Starts Hair, I absolutely hated going to the hair salon to have my hair done....but I now LOVE going to my hair appointments.  Beauty Starts Hair is a warm, inviting, private environment, without all the hussle and bustle of "regular" salons.  Heidi is outgoing, funny and amazing at what she does.  There's never an uncomfortable moment there with Heidi!  I will NEVER go anywhere else to have my hair done again, so Heidi better outlive me!  LOL    

Tanya Pelrine-Snow

There is a reason why this fabulous lady is a gold medal winner. She is amazing at her job and she really loves her clients. I moved to the Annapolis Valley a few years ago and I still drive to Halifax for her appointments. Not only do I leave with great hair, but I always have a fantastic time hanging out with her!.

Janet Pittman


After the first time Heidi colored my hair I knew I could never leave her for another!  Beauty Starts Hair is not only a hair salon it’s a place where friends can have a coffee while getting beautiful and catch up on life events.  Heidi is full of life, vibrant in so many ways and its no surprise shes a coast gold award winner year after year.  I look forward to my dates with her every month, not only to get rid of my grey hair…but to catch up on whats new in her life!  She truly is an amazingly talented woman! 

Denise Teas

After many years of searching for a stylist, I found Heidi about 3 years ago and have been with her ever since.

My kids and I  look forward to appointments with Heidi, always a great cut/style/color and always lots of stories and laughs.

Heidi takes pride in her work and is constantly updating her skills and knowledge with workshops and classes on the latest and greatest in Hair Care

Thanks so much for all you do Heidi , you never disappoint :) 

Suzanne Stockley

I have always been very particular with my hair. Over three years ago, I was determined to find a new hair dresser after a color mishap. My husband recommended Heidi to me. After careful scrutany ( grilling Heidi on her education, techneique and how the heck she would go about fixing my hair) I sat in her chair for the first time. I have to say I felt confortable immediatley and we have grown from a client relationship to friends. Heidi is one of the few professionals that takes pride in her work; continously up grading her courses, staying on to up hair/color trends and techniques. She acts like a true hair consultant: listens to clients concerns, educates clients and then makes a joint decision for a plan of action. I was taken by Heidi's attention to detail and drive to make every single client feel like they are the ONE special client. I recommend Heidi to anyone hands down.

I have never had the same hairstylist in my life until I began seeing Heidi three years ago at her beautiful salon. I now can’t imagine life without her. She has been instrumental to my overall development as a confident woman. She is an amazing person and her work is fabulous. She helped me to develop my assurance to try so many contemporary and daring things with my hair. I have loved every look that I have had, which has never been the same look twice. I get so excited for my appointments because I can’t wait to see what she’s got planned for me next. I give her my idea and then she works her magic. Heidi makes me feel like a rock star! I will never go anywhere else. She is my one and only, indeed!

Tammy Mahar

Heidi's enthusiasm is equalled only by her desire to learn!  She has been my stylist for 10+ years now and over that time I've seen her grow professionally.  She loves her courses and keeping abreast of new techniques and styles.  She listens to what I say and executes my ideas perfectly and when I'm at a loss she steps in with great suggestions.  He salon is warm and inviting.  I can think of no better way to spend an hour, or two, talking with an old friend and looking fabulous in the process.

Leslie Perkins

Beauty Starts Hair is an oasis of calm in the turbulent sea of life.  it is a place where transformations take place, there is a sublime color experience that you can't get anywhere else! owner/operator Heidi Rofe truly is the best hair stylist on the east coast =D


I've been going to Beauty starts hair for about three years now and Iabsolutely adore it. The studio feels like home and it is something I look forward to every time I get my hair done. Heidi brings tears of happiness to

my eyes every time by what a wonderful job she does with my hair. Heidi really knows how to create your dream hair but also keep it healthy and fabulous all at the same time. =

Nicole Young

Having my hair done at Beauty Starts Hair salon is truly an experience. 

Heidi has created a salon that is warm and inviting and she always has a new product or hair tip to share. 

The coffee is always on and there's treats for the sweet tooth. 

My hair appointments always feel like a visit to a good friend and I leave relaxed and satisfied.

Lois Bourne

When I book my appointments to get my hair done it's not just an appointment for hair. It's a date for a pick me up physically, mentally and emotionally. Heidi has such zest for life and always has such funny stories you forget all your worries. She offers you sweets and all different assortments of coffee. There's always a great smell of candles and a real homey feeling. She always gives you her 100% and does a fantastic job of my hair and always full of suggestions.  You leave her salon feeling like a new person and above all true friendship!!

Viola Smith

Angela O'Connell 

CHRM Human Resources Manager

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