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Nominate Heidi Rofe from Beauty Starts Hair for The Coast's Best of Halifax! 


It's that time of year!  I am once again going for, The Coast “Best of the Best Hairstylist” Award. This award means so much to me! 

It really is a people’s choice award and without your VOTES,  I wouldn’t have my Sliver 2011 & GOLD 2012, 2013 and 2014 Awards. I can’t even begin to tell you what this award gives me, my family & my Salon.

The Coast is a wonderful paper that shows how much our city does for us. The Coast has helped my business so much and it is the only advertising I do all year.


I hope that with your help again this year,  I can go for GOLD, Silver or Bronze. Please take a few minutes to Nominate me, Heidi Rofe for “BEST STYLIST” & Beauty Starts Hair for “BEST SALON


Thank You,

Your Best of the Best Hairstylist,

Heidi Rofe


Instructions on How to Vote 


Click on the image below:















A new window will open with the Coast's nomination website. If you have voted in past Coast surveys you can use your existing login information. If you have not voted before you will need to create a login. You will be taken directly to the "Beauty" category. This year things are slightly different than other years. You have to nominate your desired candidate in each category. Scroll down to click on  'Best Salon' and enter 'Beauty Starts Hair' then click on 'Best Hairstylist' and enter 'Heidi Rofe'. The nomination period closes at 11:59pm on July 14. There is no “submit” button to finish the survey. As soon as you click “nominate”, your pick has been saved.

The Coast will then determine the top six nominees in each category and create a 'Final Ballot'.  Voting for the Final Ballot will be open August 1 to September 15. With your help we can make the final ballot and with your vote we can win! 


Gold, silver and bronze winners will be announced in The Coast on November 2. 


Nominate in 30+ categories and you could win $500 cash!



For more information on rules and regulations for The Coast's Best of Survey, click 

Nominate and Vote today!


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